Family is the most important thing in my life, work comes second and everything else comes last. 

This weekend I spent time with the family as well as worked but involved them so I didn’t lose out on quality time. It was my wife’s birthday this weekend and the kids planed a really nice breakfast in bed for her. I planed out my day accordingly and took advantage of the little time I had alone to get her a nice card and ingredients to bake a cake. 

I had a wedding to shot that day so I had to rush and bake everything then hide it and run out to shoot this wedding I had scheduled for the evening. I took my oldest daughter as a 2nd photographer and got plenty of awesome photos of this beautiful wedding. 

After the wedding we arrived home and got the cake ready and surprised my wife with this huge oversized cake full of candles along with her card and a small gift. She loved every moment of it and I’m happy she was enjoying it. 

The following say was a day to work on the house once again, we have a lot of projects going on at once and Sunday I wanted to try and tackle the biggest one. Building a fence around the house, we started it and got a lot done for the short amount of time spent on it. 

I planed a nice afternoon with the Wife and took her out on a date, it was great to spend time alone with her, no kids or anything, just me and her alone talking and enjoying each other’s company. 

The weekend was great, it was long but fast at th same time and I hope to have plenty more eventful weekends to come.