Sitting here listing to the waves hit the seawall, feeling the warm Florida breeze… 

As I sit here I see a few people in total peace, just relaxing laying on the grass.

And I ask my self, what steps could I have done different in life except only to realize I already have the answer to that question. 

My moment to shine is now more than ever before, my moment to act out and make a change is right now this very moment. 

If I don’t take the proper steps right now this very moment, I will continue on this path of destruction and end up at a point of no return and wanting to rewrite my story once again. 

I can not let this happen again! I have to wake up right now and stop looking at everyone else wondering and just look at myself and see what I can change and repair all the damage I have caused in this self path I have created. 

Wake up! Wake up! I keep saying to myself… 

Wake up from this mental coma I find myself in. 

The past is the past however if you let it become a forgotten past you will continue repeating the same mistakes, it’s best to remember the past and use it as a tool to make sure you don’t continue down a path of destruction instead make a it a path of progression and show the world how much you can shine. 

All photos taken by myself as I wrote this post. 
I hope you can enjoy it as much as I did.