The learning process can differ from topic to topic or scenario to scenario.

I have been learning things my whole life. Good things, bad things, things to help me grow and things that don’t even matter but the point is I have been learning new things as I progress through life.

There’s a few things in life that I have a hard time learning and one of those is learning how to listen. This post is just about that.


Listening to others and learning what to listen for.

Now I’m not here to say we should listen to everything everyone says no. I’m here to say that it’s good to learn to listen to things that will help us progress in life.

Listening to the proper advice, listening to the proper facts among other things.

I have a hard time listening to proper advice, I tend to just blow it off or not accept it because I feel I may know a better way or solution however it’s not always the case.

It’s good to accept you’re wrong when it’s true and accept that others are trying to help you. Let others help me is what I need to learn to do as well but that’s for another day. Today is about learning to listen.

Lately I have been taking some key advice and it’s been for the best. I have seen things change in my life and get better as the days go on. Healing process has begun in areas of my life were I thought they were already in progress but I was so blind that I didn’t see that more damage was being done because I wasn’t listening to the proper advice.

Days have become shorter and stress levels are at a all time low. I’m feeling more at peace and happier since I’ve begun this process and I will do my best to keep on this path to continue the healing process that has taken place.