People create characters of themselves to be something different from what they really are, sometimes they create this tough exterior personality but deep down inside they are depressed and unhappy and sometimes people are really happy on the inside but create this serious personality on the outside just to hide who they are for some for protection.
And sometimes people will create this illusion that everything is okay because they are trying to help someone that knows everything isn’t okay but they create the illusion of everything being okay because if two people come to terms with everything being a disaster then nothing will get resolved but at least is one person is being strong the other can grow and be stronger with that person rather than both of them being weak. 
Create an illusion of being strong on the outside to help benefit the person you’re trying to help the most isn’t a bad thing, we all have our moments of weakness and we all have our moments of strength sometimes the moments of strength are fake but if they were to help the other one that is weak then so be it. 
We support each other and that’s what we’re there for I support you you support me to support that person supports the next person that’s what we’re all here for.