This morning I was in my office getting a few things done before heading off to work when I seen something really big in the corner of my eye run across the wall and up to a shelf. 
I looked fast and noticed it was a giant Florida spider! I don’t know what type of spider it is really called however I think it may be a wolf spider or a dark fishing spider but i’m not too sure. 
So I see this spider and I run to find my WD40 and a lighter… Can you see where this is going? I find the WD40 but no lighter than I remember I have matches in the closet. 
I run off to get some matches and run back to the office to find the spider gone, vanished… So I’m looking around for this monster of a spider when suddenly I hear my kids screaming and crying. 
I ask them, where is he? Where is he at? There! There! They both scream….
I run and rip a match from the match box and go lighting it while spraying the WD40 now a flamethrower in the direction where the spider when to hide. 
I do this twice and safely let me add but this spider is gone, nowhere to be seen. So I run off to get insect spray and then I see the spider run off behind a box… I start spraying the insect killer and gas the spider trapping him behind the box.
I remove the box and there is the spider curled up into a ball full of bug spray and not moving. I killed it I tell my kids, it’s all gone dead. Then I look over at the spider again and see that it’s trying to walk away! Oh no I say and proceed to grab the WD40 and matches… I spray and burn this spider to make sure he’s dead. 
Off to work I go, relaxed that this spider isn’t in my home stalking me anymore.