A few days ago I made a post about wanting to reboot my life in a way. Well today I’m proud to say that I have begun the process of this “reboot” and it’s been great! I’m feeling much happier, more positive and I find it a bit easier to overcome problems that once would overcome me…

It has only been a few days since this transition however it’s been a good one so far. I started this process last Friday and began with throwing out bad memories, emotions and negative thoughts. I also spent the weekend working on the house and throwing out old things we no longer needed. 

Yesterday I spent the day with the family enjoying mother’s day, made the wife and kids ribs on the BBQ and helped my oldest bake a cake with home made icing. We had a great weekend full of fun and jokes. 

We practiced driving with my oldest, some photography lessons and talking about what’s going on in our lives. 

Today I was playing pool on iMessage with my middle daughter while we sent funny faces to each other via Snapchat, I enjoy being he fun father when I can. 

Life is good and it’s way too short to be living it with pointless problems. I want to enjoy my days on this earth with my family and make more happy memories.