The future hasn’t been written as of yet however it’s never too late to start writing the introduction before it begins. 

There was once a time where life was great…

There was once a time where you had lots of fun…

There was once a time where you had nothing to worry about… 

What if we could bring back those good times and improve our current life?

This is a question I have however I struggle to find the real answer until today. 

I ask myself a lot

Remember back when?

Well how about we look back and when and analyze what made it so I good compared to today. 

I’ll start with this, there was a time when I wasn’t so angry, stressed, depressed and anxious and I forgot what it was like to live without all those things. 

I opened my eyes today wondering if things will get better or worse and I didn’t have the answer to that question so I found myself asking what I had to do in order to change my current situation but I couldn’t find the answer until I had to hear the hard truth about the situation. 

I realized what parts of my past self made me a great person and what parts didn’t. I remember all the bad parts of my past but don’t remember the good ones that made me unique unless I sit down and think about it. I realized that the bad habits of my past are still with me in the present but I let the good things get away. 

This is a danger zone I’m currently in. I need to change my present and start to pre write my future and bring the good past back with me. 

Self love and self empowerment is something I lost years ago and I have to regain it or I will never be myself again.