When life hits us, it hits us hard… 

Surprises come in both flavors, good and bad and we can’t control which ones we get because they are surprises. We can try our best to prevent them however we can’t control everything in life. 

We have to expect the bad ones along with the good ones but let the good ones wash out the bad ones and put the bad ones behind us and move forward the best we can. 

We mostly expect surprises to be good and full of something great and that’s not a bad way to think however we have to learn to appreciate the good ones when they come and enjoy them the best way possible. 

When the bad surprises arise we need to accept them and find a way to turn them around into something else such as a life lesson or give them a positive outlook. 

As I sit here in the passenger seat on my way to a great event I wonder what impact the next life events will have on me and my family’s future. As a father and husband I want to take the full impact of any current or future bad surprises so that my family can rest assured that I will keep them out of harm’s way. 

Where we have darkness there will be light once again and where we have bad moments in life there are a ton of good moments to fill the void the bad ones left behind. 

I dedicate this to someone very special in my life. You know who you are. TQM