​It’s s real shame to see how under educated our youth is right now, it seems like technology has made everyone forget how to do things on their own, rather they just rely on someone to do the work for them, only following what’s cool and hip instead of seeking the truth to educate them selves. 

Facts don’t lie but people are too lazy to even attempt to find them, example; someone makes a false post on social media and no one makes an attempt to disprove it or even do a quick search to see if the posted statement is even true, rather they share and comment on it and spread the lie making them look dumb for not knowing how to tell the difference between lie and facts. 

Another one is being a follower, now this is one I despise most, it’s like most people now have to get the same thing as the next person because everyone else is, and they may not even like said item but won’t get what they really want out of fear of being different or “uncool” and that is a sheep, you are just a follower and you won’t get anywhere in life being the same as the rest because how will you even stand out from the rest if you like and act like everyone else in the world. 

Stop relying on phones, computers and do some real life searching for a change, we can learn so much from what’s right in front of us but most of is are too lazy to realize it and rather chat away and read what’s on Facebook all day. There is no future in that, remember the people that built the tech we use had to know things, they had to learn, they had to create the tools we use, and now those people are a dying breed. 

Do you know how a battery works? Where you get the electricity that’s powering your home and devices? How and who makes your clothes, what code is? Why do we have wars? How we get that “clean propane” that’s damaging so many people’s source of drinking water?…