I can see the light but it’s not in hands reach just yet, so much going on and not enough time to find solutions for everything. I’m exploring every option possible within my limits as of right now with no great results but that’s not holding me back from completing my goals, it’s just a bit of a delay for now but I’m trying my best to keep my head high and think positive about my future outcome. 

This week was a good week, things got completed, a little late but like they say, “better late than never” it’s still not enough to put me at a relax. Nights are short, days are shorter. I miss sleeping, I miss knowing what the next day was going to bring but lately it’s a blur, I have passed the first big stress phase and now I’m about to hit the next big one. I know this is just a temporary thing but it’s a rough one, I can see the light in the sky but it’s not a bright one right now, I can’t wait to get past this and get back to a normal day and a full night’s sleep again. One thing I do know is that I’m blessed in what God have giving me this year and I’m.very thankful for that, now it’s fighting to keep those blessings with me and not letting them go.